Reverse Engineering

3D scanning

We provide 3D scanning services either at our facility or at the client’s location. Our capabilities extend to scanning in challenging industrial environments. Objects can be in various sizes such as small and precise details and large objects from 0.5 up to 3 meters. Scanning is very accurate even from 0.01mm.

Inżynieria odwrotna

Based on scanning data, we offer reverse engineering services, including the creation of 2D/3D technical documentation, repair of damaged and used parts, and modification of existing machinery and equipment components.

Quality control

With access to high-precision metrological scanning data and Geomagic Control X software, we perform 3D and CMM measurements following GPS and GD&T standards. Our services includes dimensional analysis, fittings, assemblies, and wear analysis. We are able to measure and analize various components such as machine parts, molds, dies, castings, CNC machined parts, plastic elements, and more.

Our projects: