3D Modeling

A 3D model in digital form can be created based on provided materials such as documentation, photos, or existing products. Upon completion, whether in assembly form, visualization, or model, it can be used as:


  • a final project,
  • a starting point for further work,
  • executive documentation.

Our experienced team conducts a comprehensive design process, from understanding and defining client requirements to creating a finished model along with all necessary production documents. We have gained trust among numerous companies from various sectors, such as aviation, automotive, foundry, mining, tooling, and many other industries.

2D Documentation

Comprehensive flat construction documentation is crucial for the effective manufacturing of a given component or assembly. As part of our 2D CAD computer-aided design services, we provide:


  • Creating detailed assembly and technical documentation, including installation schematics and technical drawings of individual models or assemblies;
  • Considering various manufacturing technologies during drawing creation;
  • Reconstruction of existing documentation or implementing necessary corrections


Prototyping takes less time thanks to the utilization of 3D printing, and projects are implemented more efficiently. We are able to deliver a ready prototype to the client shortly after receiving the order.